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Veterans & Military Resources

Taxes: Filing a Tax Return While Deployed

Your tax return must be signed to be valid. If you are married, then you and your spouse must both sign the return. However, if you are deployed, there are other options. If your spouse has a valid power of attorney to attach with the return, then he or she can sign for you. You can also use IRS Form 2848.

Auto Lease Termination

The Purpose of the Service Members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is to provide protection to service members who have difficulty meeting their financial and legal obligations because of their military service. If you are called to active duty for at least 180 days, then you may terminate a motor vehicle lease duty without paying an early termination fee or other penalty. 

Cell Phone Service Contract Termination

As a member of the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard or other uniformed services, you have legal protections for you and your family when you are called into active duty military service.

Letter to Request Lower Credit Card Interest Rate

You can use this to notify your credit card company that they cannot charge you more than six percent (6%) interest on your credit card. The credit card company must forgive any interest you paid over the six percent (6%) limit since the start of your active duty.