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Self-Representation in Court

Fee Waiver (In Forma Pauperis)

In Forma Pauperis (also known as a fee waiver) is used when you cannot afford to pay the court filing fee and costs for filing a court form. Before you file your court forms, you can request a fee waiver from the court. The court may consider the current federal poverty guidelines and will look at your ability to pay the filing fee based on what you own and how much money you make.

If the court grants your fee waiver, then you can file your court forms without paying filing fees and other fees charged by the clerk.

Currently, there is a $165 filing fee in some counties in Arkansas. Other counties may charge more. You can ask the clerk what the filing fee is in that county.

This section contains links that offer information about filing fee and asking for a fee waiver in Arkansas. 

Interactive Form-Fee Waiver

You should only make this request to the court if you do not have the money to pay the filing fee. This will usually mean that you are unemployed and have no other means of income. To use this form you will have to answer several questions about your financial status.