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Steps to Appeal

If this is your first appeal, you will need to either fax (at 501-682-7734) or mail an appeal to the Appeals Tribunal, to:

Arkansas Appeal Tribunal

P.O Box 8013

Little Rock, AR 72203

It is extremely important that your appeal is received via fax or post-marked within 20 days of the “Mailing Date” on the notice that DWS sent you which you are trying to appeal.  This does not mean the day that you received the notice!  You can either send in this form, filled out, or a letter explaining why you are appealing, but make sure that your appeal case number (which you can find on your notice from DWS) is on your appeal!  If you can afford it, it is helpful to send it by certified mail so that, if something happens and DWS does not get it, you have proof that you sent your appeal in on time.

After you send in your appeal, you will receive a letter telling you when your hearing date will be.  You will need to call the number on that notice to make sure that the Appeals Tribunal calls you for your hearing and follow other directions on the notice closely.  In the meantime, you should collect any evidence or get witnesses on your behalf and follow directions on the notice you receive for how to get those included in your hearing.

If you are denied again after a hearing in front of the Appeals Tribunal, you can appeal again to the Board of Review, and then to the Arkansas Court of Appeals.  However, these appeal bodies will usually not accept new evidence, so it is important that you provide your hearing officer at the Appeals Tribunal with as much information and proof as you can.  Be aware of quick deadlines for appeals here, as well.

The forms are also available in Spanish for appeals to the Appeals Tribunal, Board of Review, and Court of Appeals.