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Examples of Acceptable Documentation for EITC claims (not all-inclusive)


Copies of documents /records or letters on official letterhead:

  • Authorized adoption agency or authorized placement agency
  • Birth certificate
  • Child care provider
  • Court document
  • Custody order
  • Government agency verification of benefits received for the year
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical records
  • Military records
  • Parole office files
  • Paternity DNA test report by an accredited DNA testing laboratory
  • School records (may require 2 years since school year’s overlap)
  • Separation agreement, decree of separate maintenance, divorce degree
  • Social service records


  • Bank statements
  • Bills/cancelled checks for mortgage payments, rent, utilities, insurance
  • Driver’s license
  • Earning statement/check stub
  • Eviction notice
  • Indian tribal official Landlord or property manager (rental agreement or statement showing the fair rental value of your residence)
  • Medical provider
  • Mortgage receipts
  • Paperwork to obtain a post office box
  • Parole office files • Place of worship
  • Placement agency official
  • School (may require 2 years since school year’s overlap)
  • Social service agency
  • Statement or records from a homeless shelter


  • Birth certificate
  • DHS, Department of Homeland Security
  •  Driver’s license if citizenship is a condition required by state law
  • Green card
  • Library card
  • Parole office files
  • School records
  • Social Security card


  • School Records

Age (permanently and totally disabled)

  • Health care provider
  •  Medical doctor
  •  Social service program agency