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This means that you mail the court documents to the other party.

  1. First, fill out the form below titled "Summons and Complaint (Service)". On the second page, select the box which states:

    • "I am the plaintiff or an attorney of record for the plaintiff in this lawsuit, and I served the summons and complaint on the defendant by certified mail, return receipt requested, restricted delivery, as shown by the arched signed return receipt.

  2. You mail the papers to the other party by certified mail with restricted delivery, return receipt requested. It is very important to get the signed returned receipt from the mail delivery. You will file that receipt with your Affidavit of Proof of Service.

  3. If the  party being served is a person, the papers can be mailed to his or her home or mailing address.  If you are giving notice to a business, the papers must be mailed to the owner(s) at the business'  main office. If the business has an agent for  service, then the papers should be mailed to the  agent.  

  4. You must fill out an Affidavit of Proof of Service.  When completing the form, be sure to state who the papers were mailed to, to what address, when, how (by first class mail), and where the  papers were mailed from. You then sign the  Proof of Service and file it with the court. 

  5. Service by mail is complete upon mailing.  


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