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Children's Law


This section contains links that offer information about paternity in Arkansas. See resources below concerning child support, filing for contempt, and the Putative Father's Registry.

Child Support Resources

Putative Father's Registry

The Arkansas Department of Health maintains the Putative Father Registry. The purpose of the registry is to allow an unmarried father of a born or unborn child to register his name so he will be notified before the child is placed for adoption. The father does not have to be listed on the birth certificate to register.

Click the link below for more information about the Putative Father Registry.


When the Court makes an Order, the Court does that with the full force and authority of the State of Arkansas, and the Order is the law. If someone disobeys the Order, the Court has the power to hold that person in “contempt of court.” When you file a Motion for Contempt, you tell the Court that the other person has disobeyed the Order.